St Augustine - Building Refurbishment

The existing ROSLA building provided St Augustine VA Secondary School with much needed and well used facilities comprising a Wood and Metal workshop, CDT suite, Art Room and classrooms. However the external cladding was showing the signs of age and had a minimal level of insulation. The modular window system was beginning to rot and was only single glazed. The internal climactic conditions were to say the least variable in the extremes of summer and winter.

Costings were carried out to compare the merits of demolition and new build with re-cladding and insulating. The latter option proved clearly favourite.

The modular nature of the existing building and the fact the external skin of the building was non structural meant that a modular re-cladding was possible. Using careful site measurements a scheme was prepared to install high quality Velfac windows giving a high degree of insulation. Tinted double glazed units were specified to control heat gain. The external appearance of the powder coated flush aluminium casement frames was linked to an Eternit sheet rain screen cladding to give the building a more sophisticated appearance. Internally the expressed timber frame of the Velfac windows imparts a warm friendly solidity to the building. Ridged sheet insulation was incorporated behind the cladding to comply with modern standards transforming the internal environment. New suspended ceilings incorporating high quality, low energy light fittings completed the installation.

As a result of our works the building has a new lease of life. It is more usable, a better place to study in and benefits from lower running costs.