Winton School. Bournmouth, Dorset

Winton School is a 750 place boys secondary school built on a green field site on behalf of Dorset County Council adjacent to a comparably sized girls school.

It is formed by five buildings housing the schools facilities linked to a fully glazed street. The illustration above is of the main entrance. The buildings comprise the two storey teaching block, Science department, Music Drama block with assembly hall, Craft Design Technology building and Sports Hall with Changing Rooms.

Here pictured on the left are the Sports Hall and below the CDT building. The Sports Hall has been designed for the playing of basket ball, netball, volley ball, badminton, tennis and cricket. There are facilities for gymnastics and weight training and a first floor viewing gallery. The building although part of the school is capable of independent use outside school hours. The building is constructed as a diaphragm wall in face brickwork. The floor is of Granwood block with through colour markings. The roof is of metal standing seam construction laid to a low pitch behind a parapet wall minimising the buildings external bulk.

The class spaces in the CDT building are open to the roof. The glazed screens between link the various practical departments to the IT rooms.