Cloakham Lawn.

Cloakham Lawn, a Sports Club near Axminster, Devon, required replacement facilities for their existing sports ground. A new club house with changing rooms, showers and toilets for football, rugby and cricket teams was needed. In addition, an indoor bowling rink was to be included with a club room which would overlook both the rink area and playing fields. The Club asked that the club room should also serve as a viewing room, meeting place and pavilion.

As is always the case Sports Club funds were very limited. Site investigations revealed that ground conditions on the site were poor, so that a design giving maximum value for money was essential. This lead to a simple plan form for economy based around a steel frame and piled foundations. In order to lighten foundation loadings blockwork was limited to a plinth where possible, elsewhere being an extension of the wall cladding. This also meant that rainwater runoff could be taken direct into a gravelled margin and land drain around the building.