Richard Huish. Tuanton, Somerset

Richard Huish College, a sixth form college of reputation in Taunton had become a victim of the governments failed college building procurement scheme.

Needing a new building to keep up with intense local competition in this education sector the Governors turned to local consultants for a solution. SCD were appointed archchitects to design this building housing Photography, Graphics, Media Studies and Music Technology on this very tight and constrained site. The design was established and agreed in three weeks.

The building has high levels of insulation and has been designed where possible to be naturally ventilated. The classrooms have chimneys that induce natural air circulation. Louvres set above windows regulate air into the building. In this way the building structure can be cooled at night to reduce temperatures in the summer. CO2 levels are monitored and fresh air admitted to reduce drowsiness.

Within six months from appointment a selected contractor had been chosen to start works on site. In spite of extreme winter weather this energy efficient building was completed on time and budget and was opened on schedule for the 2010 academic year.