Martock Christian Fellowship.

Building Design.

The SCD Partnership was appointed to design this new Chuch. A challenging green field site on the outskirts of Martock deserved a quality building.

Working from a shedule of room areas and requirements the building form and plan was quickly established and accepted by the congregation.

Simple building forms related to each other and separated by generous day lit circulation streets form a cross on plan.

The large hall is located to the rear of the site and its scale reduced by the single storey elements in front. In turn the south and west aspects of these rooms require generous roof overhangs to reduce solar gain. This creates covered but open spaces related to the rooms and forms a direct link of the inside to the outside. The teaching rooms facing west can be combined in numerous ways dependent on requirements but the location of a kitchen adjacent means they can be used for wedding receptions.

The simplicity of the planning and building forms will lead to an economy of construction.

Building Features.

1. Sedum Roof :
To tie the building into the rural landscape o n a sensitive site. To reduce surface water run off. To improve the internal building environment, produce a better microclimate and to increase levels of thermal and acoustic insulation.

2. High Levels of Insulation:
The building is insulated in excess of current standards to reduce running costs and CO2 emmissions

3. Heating
The high level of insulation allows the use of ground source heating. Heat is transferred from ground water bore hole to underfloor heating. Although more expensive to install lower heating costs and reduced CO2 emmissions will result.

4.Solar Thermal :
The sun is used to partially heat the buildings hot water.