Vivary Bowling Club.

Vivary Park and Golf Course is situated a short distance from the centre of Taunton. It forms part of a sensitive conservation area and is scheduled as open abutting the 'green wedge'.

The existing outdoor bowling green possessed a selection of run down timber buildings acting as club house and groundsman's stores. In order to replace these facilities it was decided to construct an indoor bowling rink beside the outdoor green with the aim of generating funds through increased membership. This practice was commissioned to construct a four rink indoor bowling hall.

The success of this project had by 1991 generated enough funds to enable work to begin on the replacement of the club's social facilities.

This accommodation included bar, kitchen, club room and changing rooms and was designed to occupy the site of the former clubhouse.

A simple but economic building was designed to link with the indoor rink providing the required social and viewing facilities adjacent to the outdoor green. The buildings simplicity suited its location within the park landscape. Internally the clubroom is distinguished by the specialist roof trusses and panoramic views of the outdoor green.