Wyndham House Surgery. Silverton, Devon

Wyndham House Surgery was built on part of the car park of the Silverton Health Centre which had been scheduled to be partially demolished. The site is very small and is further restricted by a vehicular and pedestrian right of way. These restrictions meant that part of the new surgery would have to be two storey, an advantage in that it enabled the building to have an interesting internal volume and a certain external presence. Planning follows the classic layout of a central waiting space encircled by consulting rooms, treatment room, etc, and the clearly visible reception area.

One of the most important design requirements was that the first impression for the patients should be one that is friendly and welcoming and to help to achieve this, the external walls were built with a warm facing brick and internally the colour scheme was restricted to a palette of soft pastel colours.

Wyndham House Surgery, Silverton, Devon All members of the staff were consulted at the planning stage and the resulting building is enjoyed by doctors, staff and patients.