Working from home - the home office

This is my first ever venture into the world of blog so please excuse me as I find my way.

This topic was not the first on my list but in view of the extreme weather of the moment it seemed appropriate. Are you one of those people stuck at home because of snow, can't get out of your drive let alone the side road you live on? Or are you risking life and limb trying to get from home to office or are you like me, stuck in the beauty of the countryside because you forgot to buy snow tyres last summer when they were affordable? Sure I had the foresight to park my wife's car on the main road but it is a mile and a half walk uphill to escape from our village and just not pleasant as temperatures drop to -14c. Are you loosing pay or having to take holiday in lieu because you can't get to the office?

Well actually I am ok because I have a home office, not a room in the house but a snug timber building, well appointed, cosy, and fully functional. My commute is all of 20m but enough to be out of the house in a place of work, away from the distractions of the family.

If you are self employed or have an employer who is amenable to home working the home office is a must. It is simply constructed from a kit of parts, well insulated and allowed under permitted development (so no planning permission required) if correctly designed and sited. Because they are not classed as habitable structures no building regulations are needed.

I have designed a number of one off timber framed and clad buildings for home office use, though of course they could simply be for recreational purposes, each tailor made and individual. I would like to design more, so if you are interested please contact me. I think the costs are favourable when compared to those produced by the specialist companies out there.

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